Hidden aluminum access door for painting in very large sizes, mod. Incognita

This hatch is chosen for niches in large-sized walls
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Hidden aluminum access door for painting in very large sizes, mod. Incognita
Product Details
Brand: VHID
Country of brand registration: United States
Country of production: Ukraine
Opening method: Push to Open
Frame material: Aluminum
Protective covering of the frame: Anodizing
Door material: Primed MDF 8 mm
Door adjustment: 3D
Permitted facing material: Light (paint, plaster and similar)
Maximum thickness of the facing material: 2 mm
Hinge: BLUM Clip Top furniture hinge, made of nickel-plated steel
Suitable for the use outdoors: No
Free space without a frame, hinges and locks for a hatch with 1 door: L minus 126 mm, H (hinge) minus 57 mm
Depth: 84 mm
Production time: 14 days
Weight: 5.50 kg

Incognita is a unique solution for hidden access to large niches. This model of an access door is used for applying paint, decorative plaster, wallpaper, natural or decorative leather, fabrics. In addition, the door can be decorated with veneered MDF, decorative HPL panels and materials of similar weight.

In addition, the access door is manufactured in a separate configuration with a door into which a classic mirror is built. This solution is very popular for bathrooms and dressing rooms, where there are niches in the wall that can be hidden, with an additional option of a mirror on the wall.

Incognita doors are produced with one door with a maximum overall width (W) of 650 mm and a height (H) of 2500 mm. If a larger width is required, the door is manufactured with two doors with a maximum overall width (W) of 1300 mm, height (H) of 2500 mm. In this version, the doors can be of different widths, but one door (without a door frame) cannot be wider than 600 mm. The minimum possible door dimensions are 450 W x 350 H mm.

The base of the door frame is a special 50x26.5 mm extruded aluminum profile, which is additionally anodized to prevent metal corrosion. In the corners of the frame, the profile is joined at an angle of 45° with the help of steel angles 2 mm thick. The frame on the front side has a special protrusion on which the base with the mounting grid is attached. The mounting grid connects the door to the wall and prevents cracking. The mounting grid with the foundation is included with the door.

The door is made of 55x19 mm. aluminum profile. It is filled with a sheet of moisture-resistant MDF, 8 mm thick, which is covered with polyurethane soil on all sides. The total thickness of the access door is 19 mm. It is completely ready for painting, applying decorative plaster and other materials. Primed MDF can be replaced with another pre-decorated MDF sheet. The total depth of the door is 50 mm, at the place of attachment of the mounting plates - 84 mm.

The gaps between the frame and door doors are 2 mm. Incognita doors are equipped with BLUM Clip TOP nickel-plated steel hinges with the option of 3D adjustment.

Incognita opens with the help of PUSH mechanisms of the HEFELE Quick Spring catch. A quick steel automatic spring latch is attached to the door, and a plastic latch is attached to the frame. The number of fasteners depends on the size of the door and is determined in each case individually. It is enough to press on the door from the opposite side of the hinge in the middle, so that all the latches work. For access control, the door can be additionally equipped with a furniture lock with a key.

As a rule, the Incognita door for painting is supplied without a seal, but it can be additionally installed on request. For this, a special groove is provided in the door frame. The sealant will protect against drafts, ingress of odors or moisture into the room from the inspection opening.

Size selection

If you already have a ready-made opening in the wall, note that the overall size (outer edge of the door frame) of the access door must be 10 mm smaller on each side to make room for the mounting foam.

To determine the free (clear) space of the door after installing it in the mounting opening, it is necessary to subtract 77 mm from its width (L) and height (H) (10 mm x 2 = 20 mm of space for mounting foam and 28.5 mm x 2 = 57 mm on each side of the door frame together with mounting plates).

For example, if your mounting opening is 600 mm wide (L) and 1500 high (H), the dimensions of the door free (clear) opening in the open position will be 523 L x 1423 H mm.

WARNING!!! Note that this calculation does not include hinges that take up space at their placement (non-continuous). The hinges reduce the opening by 69 mm.

If the opening is not yet ready, note that it needs to be made 10 mm larger on each side than the overall dimensions of the door that you ordered.


Doors can be installed in the niches of vertical walls and partitions made of brick, concrete or sheet materials such as drywall.

Preparation of the opening

If the door is to be installed in drywall, we recommend installing a steel pipe frame around the opening. If there is no such possibility, then a frame made of CD profile is suitable, into which you need to insert a beam of at least 50x40 mm. In this case, self-tapping screws should be used for fastening. Leave a space of at least 10 mm between the wall or the built-in beam and the frame of the door for foaming.

Fixation of the door in the opening

Fasten the door aluminum profile frame to the brick or concrete wall with auxiliary steel mounting side plates and dowels. If you use a CD profile and a built-in beam, use self-tapping screws for fastening. Additionally, fix the door frame with wooden nails. Make sure that the door is installed without distortion of the frame and in one plane with the surface of the wall or ceiling. After that, foam the opening in several places. Allow the foam to dry and check for distortions of the door in the plane. After that, foam the opening completely.


After the foam dries, close the foam opening and the door frame with drywall or gypsum-based mounting glue. Use the mounting grid and elastic polymer putty to cover the joint between the door frame and the wall to protect the door against cracking. The door is primed and ready for finishing in the basic model. Next, perform finishing cladding in accordance with building standards.

Important!!! Before closing the door, check that there are no foreign objects on the door frame.

Door adjustment

With the help of BLUM Clip TOP hinges, the position of the door relative to the frame of the door can be adjusted in the 3D plane. Use an additional screwdriver for adjustment. The depth can be adjusted from -0.5 to +2.8 mm, vertically and horizontally - from -2 to +2 mm. Adjustment allows you to align the gaps after installing the door, if they change slightly after the foam shrinks.

For large door dimensions, a system for leveling the door leaf relative to the plane by 2-4 mm is provided. For this purpose, a special tensioner is installed in the door frame that can be adjusted using a wrench.

Storage conditions

  1. The Product can be transported only in a protective wooden frame;
  2. The Product can only be stored and transported in a vertical position, with the longer side facing the floor;
  3. When transporting access doors in cars with an open body, the Supplier is not responsible for the preservation of the Product;
  4. When transporting a package with access doors, it must be fixed on the vehicle to prevent displacement during transportation, and measures must be taken to prevent damage to the access doors by hard objects. It is not allowed to drop the access doors.
  5. The Product must be stored exclusively indoors at a temperature of +15 to +25 degrees Celsius, with relative humidity no more than 70%;
  6. It is forbidden to store the Product near open heat sources closer than 2 meters;


  • The access doors are installed in the wall before finishing cladding.
  • During installation, it is important not to allow the frame to skew, the corners of the door frame should be 90 degrees. Also, the door must be flush with the plane of the wall.
  • Do not stick the glass screen on the access door.
  • Do not leave children unattended when the access door is open, as it is a heavy construction with sharp metallic protrusions, so carelessness in its handling can lead to serious injuries and bodily harm. Be cautious!

Important!!! When closing the access door, make sure that no children, domestic animals, birds or other living creatures are trapped between the frame and the door. They can be injured or killed when the door is being clos

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