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History of Creation

The history of the creation of VHID TM dates back to 2009, when the company’s founder Grygoriy Zozulya became interested in the narrowly-focused sphere of access door design. At first, as a small team, we simply sold access doors from various small manufacturers, trying to find a solution for everyone. The demand grew rapidly, and we started to develop our own models. They have accounted for accumulated experience and covered more requests. This process led to the creation of a large model range that provides high-quality doors to both the private sector and industry.

The founder of the company is from Ukraine, and the name VHID means ENTRANCE in Ukrainian. It was not chosen by chance and reflects the purpose of the entire product line in a single word.

Concept and Philosophy

We create our products to provide the most convenient access possible, which will be in complete harmony with the design. We study new requests and create products with wider capabilities based on them. Our work on improving the access doors continues today.

VHID products are made with a minimum content of plastic parts. We mainly use steel, aluminum, and tile materials. Therefore, our products are durable and do not require frequent replacement, which does lead to an increase in production volumes and has a positive effect on the environment. This is important for the world, and we understand it.


Time-tested Standard Models and Sizes

Based on research and experience in different countries, we have our own line of standardized products for each region that are suitable for most cases. Each such product has a set of sizes that are constantly manufactured and found in stock in our warehouses. We are constantly researching the market for floor and wall coverings, such as ceramic tiles, in order to manufacture doors in the most demanded sizes.

Individual Production and Customization

We will make any product from our line with the dimensions you require. In addition, each product can be customized to your needs, i.e., we can add additional fasteners for ease of installation, additional locks, or paint the frame in a RAL scale color.

Adjusting to Cladding

We always ask our customers what cladding they plan for the access door in order to adapt the product to it as much as possible. For example, for large floor doors, it is important to adjust the force of gas dampers to the weight of the floor tiles to achieve the easiest possible opening and closing. We can easily adapt some of our products to the coating of greater thickness and weight than the one stated in the standard configuration. Additionally, we always instruct which cladding our doors are suitable for, in order to protect our customers from the wrong choice.

Manufacturing Locations

All products are currently manufactured in Ukraine, where ancient traditions of metal production formed. Some components originate from the EU and China. We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently change the country of manufacture or replace components with similar ones that are functionally and qualitatively identical to the previous ones.

Where to Buy Our Products

Visit our online store and buy or order access doors comfortably. Do not forget to let us know the details.

It is difficult for us to answer all the calls; please contact us by e-mail or, for a faster response, by the corporate WhatsApp. We apologize for the inconvenience.