Access door made of stainless steel with a lock, mod. Mirror Box

This access door is chosen for access to communications in medical institutions, shopping centers, swimming pools etc
Product Details
Brand: VHID
Country of brand registration: United States
Country of production: Ukraine
HS CODE: 7610100000
Opening method: Secret key
Frame material: Stainless steel
Protective covering of the frame: No covering
Door material: A sheet of polished stainless steel
Door adjustment: Without adjustment
Permitted facing material: Without additional decoration
Hinge: Axial rotation on screws
Suitable for the use outdoors: Yes
Free space without a frame, hinges and locks for a hatch with 1 door: L (hinge) minus 42 mm, H minus 3 mm, calculation without trim
Depth: 30 mm
Production time: 14 days

Mirror Box access door, made of corrugated, polished stainless steel, 1.5 mm thick, is designed for access to various engineering communications (meters, taps, technical niches, pipes, etc.) in the walls or ceilings of premises and outdoors. Its surface with a glossy shine of stainless steel is harmoniously combined with elements of the same material nearby, which will add a wonderful finishing touch to the design. The access door has no welded seams, which significantly increases its corrosion resistance and expands the field of use of the access door. Most often Mirror Box is used in medical facilities, hypermarkets, water and entertainment complexes, restaurants and shopping centers, airports, and economic areas of private premises.

The frame of the access door is L-shaped with the dimensions of 25x30x1.5 mm. Side 25 acts as a molding that fits tightly against the wall. The access door is made of a stainless steel sheet with an inner edge of 10 mm for additional rigidity. The door and the frame are connected by axial hinges, which have a collapsible design. If necessary, the door can be completely removed. Additionally, a plastic bearing is installed between the frame and the door for smooth opening.

AISI 304 stainless steel is used to make the access door, which has a semi-glossy shine due to additional grinding with an abrasive.

The access door is equipped with a lock and a secret key.

The total depth of the structure is 30 mm. The minimum landing dimensions of the structure with one door are 150x150 mm, the maximum ones are 600Lx600H mm. For larger dimensions, a design with two doors is used, the maximum dimensions are 1200Lx600H mm (two doors of 600Lx600H mm without a lintel in the middle).


To choose the correct size of the Mirror Box access door, it is necessary to measure the size of the niche (mounting opening). We recommend ordering the access door with the landing/installation size 5 mm smaller than the size of the niche.

Important!!! The depth of the mounting opening/niche for installing the access door must be at least 30 mm.

The access door has welts, so its landing dimensions are 47 mm smaller than the overall dimensions.

Important!!! Please note that the clear/free opening after installing the access door will be smaller than the landing size of the access door due to the placement of the door and the thickness of the profile. For a design with one door, the opening is less by 42 mm on a horizontal side (when the door is open at an angle of 90°), on a vertical side (side of the hinge) - by 3 mm due to the thickness of the steel frame.


Access doors can be installed in the niches of vertical walls and partitions made of brick, concrete or sheet materials such as drywall.

Preparation of the opening

If the access door is to be installed in a drywall wall, we recommend installing a CD profile frame around the perimeter of the opening, or a pipe made of black steel for large sizes. There is no need to install an additional profile on the sides where there is a concrete or brick wall. The access door must be secured on four sides.

Fixing the access door in the opening

Install the access door in the mounting opening/niche in one plane with the wall surface. Secure the access door with self-tapping screws or self-tapping screws with dowels. Additionally, fix the access door frame with wooden nails. Make sure that the access door is installed without distortion of the frame and in one plane with the surface of the wall. To increase hermeticity, fill the holes between the frame of the access door and the wall with mounting foam.


Apply facing material to the gypsum fiber of the access door according to the instructions for use. The access door can be faced both before and after the finishing of the walls.

Adjustment of the doors

The door may be lowered or raised in range from +3 mm to -3 mm. To do this, use a wrench to turn the nut on the hinge adjustment mechanism up or down.

Storage and operation conditions

  1. The Product can be stored and transported in a vertical position only, with the longer side facing the floor;
  2. The Product can be stored and operated indoors or outdoors only under covering at the temperature from -20 to +70 degrees Celsius, relative humidity not more than 80%;
  3. It is forbidden to store the Product near open heat sources closer than 2 meters;
  4. Direct ingress of water on the access door is prohibited.


Please note that there should be a space of 4 mm deep under the edges of the tiles that protrude beyond the dimensions of the access door, so that it is possible to press on the door.

If all Mini-Latch locks did not work when pressed, this may damage the plastic latches. Therefore, we recommend to press the access door in the middle when opening, so that the locks work from all sides.

Do not leave children unattended when the access door is open, as it is a heavy construction with sharp metallic protrusions, so carelessness in its handling can lead to serious injuries and bodily harm. Be cautious!

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