It is difficult to imagine any basement without a DORSA ladder. The frame of the ladder is made of black structural cold-rolled steel, covered with polyester powder paint, with increased resistance to corrosion, which allows to use the ladder in damp premises. The ladder is additionally protected by an aluminum corrugated sheet to significantly increase its shelf life. Moreover, grooved aluminum surface of the ladder ensures reliable fixation of the foot when using the ladder. For convenience, the ladder is equipped with side handrails.

The collapsible design of the ladder makes it easy to transport, assemble or dismantle it as needed. It is adapted according to your basement parameters. You can order the desired height of the ladder, width of the steps, or even the angle of inclination, as well as height and length of the handrails.

Order a set: VHID hidden access door + DORSA ladder!

Hf – height from the basement floor to the upper part of the ceiling;
H – height from the basement floor to the top of the ladder;
C – thickness of the ceiling;
Hс – distance from the first step to the upper part of the floor;
Sb – distance between steps;
Lc – width of a slot;
L – length of a bottom of the ladder;
W – overall width of the ladder.

60° is a comfortable angle of inclination of the ladder. It can be changed if necessary.

To design and manufacture the most comfortable DORSA ladder, we need to have some important data. First of all, please measure the full height from the basement floor to the floor of the first story Fs, thickness of the ceiling between the stories C and width of the slot Lc.

You also need to decide on the width of the ladder W. The option of the ladder with the width of the entrance to the basement has a more attractive design.

When designing, it should be taken into account that size L should allow enough space so that a person does not touch the edge of the ceiling when ascending or descending into the basement. The angle of inclination of the ladder also depends on this parameter.

Next, we determine the placement of the handrails, on one side or on both sides, and the height of their placement. You should not place handrails from the very bottom of the ladder, it is preferable to allow the distance of 1000 mm above the floor.

The level of the upper step is also adjusted according to the ceiling parameter C. It is important that the distance between the floor on the first story and the first step Hc is the same as the distance between the steps Sb.

The width of the step, distance between the steps, as indicated on the drawings, is chosen as the most common for basements and can be changed depending on the change of the angle of inclination of the ladder for more comfortable use. As the angle of inclination of the ladder increases, the width of the step decreases and the distance between the steps increases, and vice versa.

The DORSA ladder has a collapsible design and is supplied in the form of two or more fragments, which are easily connected by grooves in the side bars and fixed by bolts.

When the ladder is assembled, it can be fixed with mounting plates with the help of anchors to the ceiling between the basement and the first story and to the basement floor.

When fastening, it is important to prevent distortions and maintain the established angle of inclination of the ladder.

DORSA basement ladder safety instructions

– Before use, make sure that the ladder is securely fixed, with no backlash, to the monolithic concrete ceiling above and the concrete floor below, with its own mounting plates only;

– Before use, make sure that the ladder fragments are fixedly connected to each other with the help of bolt fastening;

– Prevent acids, alkalis or other aggressive substances from falling on the elements of the ladder;

– Descend or ascend the ladder facing it;

– Hold on to the handrail while moving up or down the ladder;

– When climbing the ladder, make sure that you do not touch the ceiling between the basement and the first story with your head;

– Do not allow children to use the ladder alone without supervision, this can lead to serious injuries and bodily harm. Be cautious!

Storage and transportation conditions
  1. The Product can be transported in a protective wooden frame only;
  2. When transporting the ladder in vehicles with an open body, the Supplier is not responsible for the safety of the Product;
  3. During the transportation of the packaged ladder, it must be fixed on the vehicle to prevent displacement during transportation, and measures must be taken to prevent the ladder from being damaged by hard objects. It is not allowed to drop the ladder.
  4. The Product must be stored exclusively indoors at a temperature from +5 to +55oC, relative humidity no more than 70%;
  5. It is forbidden to store the Product near open heat sources closer than 2 meters;
  6. Direct ingress of water on the Product is prohibited;
  7. If the protective coating of the Product is damaged, rust will appear in the damaged spot over time, which will not affect the functionality of the Product, but will lead to its destruction in the future.

DORSA basement ladder

Steel ladder to the basement with aluminum overlays on the steps

You can order an individual hatch size with an accuracy of 1 mm, or buy a standard one in the store

  • Frame material

    Electro-welded carbon cold-rolled black steel

  • Protective covering of the frame

    Polyester powder paint

  • Suitable for the use outdoors